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The Signs And Symptoms Of Meconium Aspiration Syndrome

A child’s chances of developing meconium aspiration syndrome increases when the water is broken due to the passing of a meconium. Doctors will be able to make a quick diagnosis of meconium aspiration syndrome due to the dark greenish, or brown, or yellow substance in the fluid. Other signs and symptoms of MAS are as follows:


The Baby Has Rapid Breathing Following Birth


A Fast Heart Rate On The Electronic Fetal Heart Monitor Strip


Late Decelerations On The Electronic Fetal Heart Monitor Strip


The Baby Can Have Green Nail Beds


The Baby Can Have Green Skin


A Slow Heart Rate (Bradycardia)


Umbilical Cord Gases Reveal A Low pH


Baby’s Chest Is Barrel Shaped


X-Rays Reveal Streak Or Patchy Areas In The Lungs

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