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“They alleviated my anxiety.”

The Boston Law Group, LLC attorneys are very experienced, efficient, trustworthy, and have a thorough understanding of the State of Maryland and federal laws. Our family contacted them through a referral and was totally pleased with the quality of service received. From the initial consultation, to the actual trial, we were in constant communication, which greatly assisted us with alleviating any anxiety.

The Boston Law Group, LLC written literature & website was extremely valuable and provided us with a fundamental understanding of how the criminal justice process works. Marcus and Renee Boston are the “Best” attorneys and we highly recommend them to anyone seeking legal counsel!

– S. Harris

“They exceeded my expectations.”

In September I was in a very bad car accident, at the negligence of the other driver. Marcus and Renee Boston fought to their best ability to have me accommodated for my loss (Pain and Suffering) and most important stuck by me through my mental fear of driving near Large SUV’s. The couple exceeded my expectations, and more importantly I never had to call them, they informed me. Five Stars, 10 Fingers 10 Toes…They are an awesome power team.

– Tina

“They really cared about me.”

Best lawyers ever. They took care of me and made me feel secure and safe. I felt they really cared about me and it showed with each visit to go over my case. You want to win your case, then definitely go with Boston Law Group!!!

– Amy

“The utmost level of professionalism!”

While 8 months pregnant and heading to a doctor’s appointment I was hit from behind by a speeding motorist. Marcus Boston of the Boston Law Group, LLC handled my case from start to finish with the utmost level of professionalism! He helped me get the results I wanted and handled my case honestly with the care and compassion I’ve not experienced in dealing with other lawyers.

– Rhonda

“Beyond the call of duty.”

From our initial consultation, our attorney was very passionate about our case. He knows the law, and can explain it to anyone. He answered all of our questions regardless as to how simple our questions were. He is very professional and I highly recommend him as an attorney. He is one who will keep you well-informed, and goes beyond the call of duty to build a strong case on your behalf for justice to be served.

– N. Pierce

“Mrs. Boston always kept me informed.”

Mrs. Boston was my lawyer in a custody hearing, and may I add that Mrs. Boston always kept me informed of the process leading up to my court date. I would recommend Mrs.Boston for any legal matters you may have. Thank you for all that you have done for my case.

– Damon

“Impeccable and fearless representation.”

Our attorney took on our case and from the beginning, she was actively in constant communication with us. She educated us at each step of the process. Leading up to our trial, she met with us on several occasions to discuss very important information about the case. She is honest, and DEFINITELY thorough. She dove deep into our case and worked precisely not to miss any small details that could have perhaps jeopardized the case. On the day of trial, her cross-examination was impeccable, and her tactics for seeking justice were fearless. With that said, after being represented by Attorney Renee Boston, I whole heartedly HIGHLY recommend her to anyone seeking legal representation.

– N. Pierce

“I felt like part of a team.”

Mrs. Boston was just great!! She handled my case in a professional yet personal way. She made me feel I was a part of a team!! I had a pretty cut an dry case, but on court day she provided even more legal ammunition just in case things did not go as expected. Even after the case is over, she still continues to treat me as a client and family member!!

– Brian

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