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Welcome to Boston Law Group, LLC’s (BLG) website, where you can find help if you think that your baby’s injury was due to the negligence of a doctor and/or hospital.

Birth trauma injuries can happen in a host of ways, and if you continue to navigate our site, you can begin to educate yourself regarding some of the ways in with a baby can suffer an injury at birth.

When choosing a birth injury law firm, it is important to find one which has experience dealing with Cerebral Palsy, Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy, Meconium Stained Fluid, and other important issues surrounding birth trauma.

Attorneys Who Have Experience In The Medical World

Marcus and Renee Boston

Our attorneys have experience assisting and advising families in which children have been injured at birth.

In addition, the attorneys at BLG are versed in reading medical records, which reveal clues as to whether a hypoxic event happened during the birthing process.

Not only do the attorneys at BLG have experience navigating the hundreds of pages of medical records which can be generated during child birth, but they also understand working with medical experts needed to bring these types of cases. LEARN MORE>>

In addition to handling birth injury cases, BLG assists those who have been injured by doctors and hospitals.

These types of injures can span over a wide spectrum. From suffering an injury while in surgery, to having a medical condition misdiagnosed, or even a delay in diagnosis, medical injuries can have a devastating impact on patients and families. Therefore, it is important to seek help from a law firm that understands the medicine and the issues surrounding Maryland medical malpractice cases.

A Law Firm Dedicated To Medical Malpractice

When you call on BLG to investigate and pursue your medical malpractice claim, know that you have a law firm in your corner that is dedicated to medical malpractice. Because we do not handle other “injury” cases like car collisions, or slip and falls, etc…we are able to stay current regarding the law and medicine in medical malpractice cases.

Our concentration on medical malpractice cases also allows us to understand the link between the necessity of experts for things such as such as standard of care, life care plans, and future care costs, among other things to prosecute your claim. LEARN MORE>>

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