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Marcus B. BostonMarcus Boston

Marcus Boston is one of the founding members of Boston Law Group, LLC. Marcus received his Juris Doctor degree from Florida Coastal School of Law, in Jacksonville, Florida. While at Florida Coastal, Marcus spent time on the Dean’s List and Honor Court. He also was elected President of the BLSA.

While in law school, Marcus took courses to prepare him to become a trial attorney. He was also a member of his law school’s Mock Trial team, and a coach on the school’s Black Law Student’s Association (BLSA) Mock Trial team.

Marcus’ experience on the school’s Mock Trial team afforded him the ability to try mock trials before practicing attorneys and judges throughout Florida. As a coach with the BLSA Mock Team, he was able to watch his team participate in the National Bar Association’s National Mock Trial Event, held in New Orleans, Louisiana.

After law school, Marcus passed the Maryland Bar and immediately started his own law firm in Baltimore handling criminal defense cases and Children In Need Of Assistance cases (CINA). While in Baltimore, Marcus spent a lot of time in court not only dealing with judges and masters but dealing with clients on a one on one basis.

Using the knowledge learned from his early days of practice, and following the teachings of legal industry giants, Marcus implemented a client education based model at Boston Law Group, LLC that teaches prospective clients about the Maryland medical malpractice process. He does this through educational articles and video.

Thousands of people have viewed the medical malpractice videos Marcus has produced with Boston Law Group, LLC, with the firm’s YouTube Page logging in more than 60,000 views.

One of Marcus’ key beliefs, and a core principle at Boston Law Group, LLC, is that a client who has a good understanding of the medical malpractice process can increase the chances of making better decisions about their situation.

Renee BostonRenee Boston

Renee Boston is also a founder member of Boston Law Group, LLC. While in law school Renee began sharpening her skills to become a trial attorney. She was the organizer and team leader on the Thurgood Marshall mock trial team. Renee lead the school’s inaugural team to the regional Black Law Student’s Convention in which her team participated in the National Bar Association’s National Mock Trial Competition in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Renee received her Juris Doctor degree from Florida Coastal School of Law in Jacksonville, Florida. Additionally, she began her dedication to assisting those in need of help by being a student/faculty liaison for new students during orientation. She also helped organize the welcome committee for new students with a focus on young, African American women.

Upon graduating from law school, Renee became an attorney with the Office of the Public Defender in Baltimore City. There she learned how to try cases. As an assistant public defender in Maryland and Georgia, Renee has tried several cases; both before a jury and before a judge. Not being a stranger to the courtroom, Renee has represented hundreds of clients on various issues throughout both the District and Circuit Courts of Maryland.

Having had to manage a caseload of over 100 cases at a given time, Renee now welcomes the opportunity to focus on medical malpractice cases. Medical malpractice personal injury cases allow her more time to focus on detailed issues of each client’s case.

The section of personal injury law hits home for Renee. Her father passed away in a hospital during a “routine” outpatient procedure and since then, she has vowed to help her clients learn what happened to them or their loved ones. A sudden death or debilitating injury can have devastating and lasting effects on the victim’s family and Renee understands the importance of having someone on your side that has been where you are.

Past & Present Professional Honors & Activities For The Attorneys At Boston Law Group, LLC.

  1. National Bar Association
  2. National Bar Association Solo & Small Firm Section
  3. Deputy Chief of Staff For National Bar Association President Patricia Rosier
  4. American Bar Association
  5. Maryland Association For Justice
  6. Georgia Trial Lawyers Association
  7. Avvo 2013 Top Medical Malpractice Contributors

Speaking Engagements For The Attorneys At Boston Law Group, LLC

  1. Understanding Your Insurance, Bowie, Maryland
  2. Maryland Medical Malpractice Q&A, First Baptist Church Of Glenarden

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