Surviving umbilical cord prolapse and HIE can be a lot for families to take in. I am discussing this today because one of the main areas of concern when umbilical cord prolapse occurs is umbilical cord compression. Check out some of my previous writings on a more detailed talk on the issue of cord compression.

Below I will discuss how this serious medical condition can not only lead to a traumatic brain injury in the baby, but also death in some cases. Umbilical cord prolapse is a condition that must be properly diagnosed and treated accordingly.

What Is Umbilical Cord Prolapse?

In general, umbilical cord prolapse is a rare condition. With that said, it still can happen. Cord prolapse happens when the umbilical cord slips out of the uterus and into the vagina before the baby is born. As I mentioned above, cord compression is a potential danger with a prolapse.

Because of the risk of cord compression, the baby runs the risk of losing oxygen. Certain risk factors can increase the risk of an umbilical cord prolapse. For example, when the water breaks the cord can be carried out as the fluid leaves the uterus.

Next, if the baby is in any position other than head down when the water breaks this can increase the chance of cord prolapse. Finally, small babies and twins can increase the chance.

One of the first signs of a cord prolapse is an immediate and sudden drop of the baby’s heart rate. This can be the signs of cord compression too. Doctors can also sometimes feel the cord in the vagina during an examination.

Surviving Umbilical Cord Prolapse And HIE

As I have explained in previous posts, HIE, or hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, is a reduction of blood and oxygen which can lead a baby to suffer a brain injury. The cord compression which can be associated with cord prolapse can be the catalyst for a potential HIE brain injury.

When cord prolapse is present prompt delivery must happen. Delays in managing this condition can be catastrophic. For babies who have suffered an HIE injury and cord prolapse was present, a full investigation must happen to see if the condition could have been prevented.

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