Oxygen deprivation at birth can cause cerebral palsy in some cases. This issue comes up frequently with families who may have recently been given an HIE diagnosis for their baby. For many families this is the first time they have had to think about something like a traumatic brain injury.


Today I will discuss from a medical legal perspective how this can occur and the issues that are presented when a subsequent cerebral palsy diagnosis is present following an H E diagnosis.


How Oxygen Deprivation At Birth Can Cause Cerebral Palsy


First – want to make it clear that not every baby who has an HIE injury will go on to have a cerebral palsy diagnosis. With that said in some cases a baby who has gone without oxygen, especially for a considerable amount of time, can suffer a brain injury which can cause a cerebral palsy diagnosis.


Although the term fetal distress is no longer being used in the birth injury context, when a baby is no longer tolerating a vaginal delivery doctors and nurses must pay close attention to this and act in the appropriate manner to help the baby.


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