How does my baby make a claim for their HIE brain injury at birth? This was a question that was posed to me by a mother who was looking for a way to help her baby following a traumatic brain injury like HIE. Mom made it clear to me that she did not want to sue because she was not a “sue” type of person, but she knew that her baby was going to need help and that she would not always be there for her child (when she passes away).


This question is asking what the legal process is for getting started with a legal cl­aim against those who are responsible for the injury to the baby. Because each state can have specifics as to details of legal filings, I will keep my comments general in nature.


How Does My Baby Make A Claim For Their HIE Brain Injury?


Since a baby who has suffered an HIE brain injury has harm inflicted on them they can use the legal civil justice system to hold those who caused the injury responsible for the harm caused. For a claim sounding in negligence, medical malpractice will be the vehicle for achieving this result.


One of the roles of parents is to get the process rolling for the baby by reaching out to a birth injury lawyer to get things moving. When the lawyer interviews parents the issues may become apparent as to what needs to be investigated. Also, if potential claims may exist for the parents, the lawyer will make those known too and the parents can decide if they want to move forward on any potential claims.


This is a good time to remind you that as you can see from the talk above, the parents and the baby may have separate claims. When this was explained to the mother who posed the above question this made things easier for her because at the end of day the claim for her needed to be made by her baby because at the end of the day all of this was for her baby.


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