A second opinion regarding a baby’s HIE diagnosis can be extremely helpful and insightful for a family looking for answers. In discussing this today, the focus will be on how we see second opinions in the context of birth injury investigations for families, and what role these opinions play in a medical legal context. Many families are not aware that a second opinion is an option, or if they are aware, they feel guilty about getting a second opinion. With these types of situations, families must remember that they have to always make the best decisions for their families.


A Second Opinion Regarding HIE Diagnosis A Baby’s


There are two major points that I am going to discuss surrounding the importance of a second opinion. First, a second opinion can help with either confirming a current diagnosis or it can take the diagnosis and treatment in another direction. For example, we had a family contact us because initially they had been told that their baby’s HIE diagnosis was because of a genetic condition. Based on this information the family began to do their homework on the genetic condition so they could better understand their baby’s future challenges. With that said, they started to see conflicting information regarding the physical signs of the genetic condition and the physical signs displayed by their child. This caused them to seek a second opinion doctor who confirmed their thoughts on the issues and ruled out the conclusions of the initial doctors. Essentially, the second opinion doctor explained to them how birth trauma (medical malpractice) was what caused their baby’s HIE brain injury at birth.


Secondly, a birth injury investigation by a birth injury attorney, from a medical/legal standpoint, can act as a way for a doubting family to get a second opinion. This is because when a birth injury investigation is done it is looking to see, among other things, whether there was a departure from the standard of care causing the brain injury.



To do the above the attorney has to review the medical records and interview the family about the relevant information surrounding the pregnancy and labor and delivery. If the initial medical/legal work up is a go, then the birth injury attorney will reach out to medical experts to get their opinions as to the medical issues in the case. Again, these experts will either confirm the conclusions of the initial doctors or rule them out.


As was explained above, this is why parents should not hesitate to get a second as to these issues. A second opinion as to a baby’s HIE diagnosis can be extremely helpful to a family in a host of ways. To speak with me further regarding a birth injury investigation for your baby’s HIE brain injury you can reach me at my contact information below.


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