Today I am going to discuss a follow up to a post I recently did explaining from a medical legal standpoint the impact of a baby being blue at birth. HIE birth injury signs, especially following birth, can encompass many things. Parents new to the HIE journey are generally not too familiar with these issues.


For this post I will delve into some of the more common signs that are reported to us by parents when they are requesting us to help them understand how this traumatic brain injury happened. Here at Boston Law Group, LLC we call this performing a birth injury investigation for a family. Because of how birth injury cases work, there is no initial charge or cost to the client to do this service.


HIE Birth Injury Signs?


One common sign, that parents report when their baby has been diagnosed with an HIE injury is a hand off of their baby to the NICU. This action can be for several reasons. Generally, if the NICU is needed there are concerns about the baby’s well-being. The NICU is a type of intensive care unit that provides around the clock care for babies. A NICU is staffed with many types of experts who can provide care for the baby.


There are things that can happen during labor and delivery which can trigger a NICU alert. For example, if there is meconium in the fluid when the water breaks this might mean a NICU transfer. Another example can be if the baby has had non-reassuring fetal heart monitoring, and the baby is not breathing. Poor APGAR scores along with the previous sentence can also mean a NICU call.


Another one of the HIE birth injury signs that is usually relayed to us by parents is seizures. Seizures are generally noticed shortly after birth, up to a few days later (sometimes they will happen a few weeks later). For our post today we will define seizures as unusual brain activity.


Seizures are an extremely serious condition and if they suspected, or visualized, this information needs to be directed to medical professionals immediately When seizure activity is present there is a chance other medical issues might be present, and investigation should take place.

As I mentioned at the start of this post about HIE birth injury signs, these are some of the most common things that parents report to us when we speak with them regarding their baby’s HIE birth injury. Please remember that this list is not every possible sign present, just many of the most common. To speak with me further about your baby’s HIE birth injury story I invite you to contact me at my contact info below. As I already stated it costs nothing initially to talk with me about your baby’s story.


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