Are HIE birth injury cases that complex? Some people may be wondering why this is a topic that really needs to be covered? With that said, the reasoning for the wondering might actually vary. This is because for some people anything “law” related to them is deemed complex. For other people, the thinking is that if I just tell the story of what happened to my baby that should be enough, right, and based on that I can handle this myself?

Before handling the topic of are HIE birthinjury cases that complex, I must remind you that if you are in this situation, only you can make the decision as to whether an attorney is the best way to go or if handling this yourself is better for your family. If you have already talked with attorneys and none will take your case and you move on, without an attorney, then you are not the main focus of this discussion.

What Does Complex Mean?

For our talk today complex means,” consistingof many different and connected parts.” This is a basic Google definition of the term. As someone who handles these cases for families as an attorney I can clearly say that HIE birth injury cases clearly meet the definition of complex. These types of cases notonly deal with the law, they have an added layer of medicine. Law and medicine can be different but for HIE birth injury claims these two disciplines come together for a medical / legal framework. One must have a clear understanding of both to make the process work.

Let us use a couple of examples to illustrate this point. On the law side differentStates can have differing requirements on just the procedural aspects of these matters. For example, when you file your complaint, mustyou file in another body before filing in court? Or, must you have expert qualification reports already included at filing or must they be included at a later date? Add to it, what “experts “are needed and what opinions are said experts qualified to give? These are but some of the legal issues that must be understood when looking to bring these types of cases.

As for the medical issues, they too require special knowledge of the medical issues. For example, when you relieve the medical records,do you have at least a basic understanding of what you are reading? Do you have an understanding of the medical issues your facts present? Are the fetal heart strips that you have a category 1, 2, 3, or a mixture?

Are HIE Birth Injury Cases That Complex?

As I mentioned earlier, whether you should handle your own HIE birth injury case is something that you must decide for yourself. The issue of complexity can be one that some without training might think that they can overcome.

Although the term “complexity” has been used in the past by some individuals who have spoken on this issue, the true underlying issue for some is that no way they want to pay an attorney any percentage of a recovery. To me that is fine. At the end of the day the odds are more than likely greater forsuccess if an attorney handles the case than a non- attorney because of training and experience.

If you have more questions regarding your baby’s HIE brain injury at birth I invite you to contact me at my contact info below. I speak with families like yours all the time about these issues and I would be

honored to listen to your baby’s story.

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