Her baby seemed normal after an HIE injury then problems reaching milestones occurred. Recently I had an opportunity to speak with a parent offline regarding her baby not meeting milestones. Her baby suffered an HIE injury at birth and to her as long as her baby seemed, in her words, normal, she figured that everything would be OK. However, after nearly a year she began to notice that her baby was not meeting scheduled milestones. As a result, she reached out to us for a birth injury investigation as to the cause of her babies HIE brain injury at birth and future options.

In this birth injury educational article and supporting video we will be discussing why parents cannot assume that every baby will look the same after suffering an HIE injury. In addition, we will cover some of the things parents can ask of medical professionals when trying to find answers as to the possible challenges their baby may face going into the future.

Baby Seemed “Normal” After An HIE Injury Then Problems Reaching Milestones


At the end of the day, an HIE injury is a brain injury. Depending on the severity of the injury this will impact how the injury might manifest itself in a baby. Generally, the more severe the injury the more challenges a child might face into the future. An HIE injury can be classified in some instances as mild, moderate, or severe.

Using looks to gauge what is “normal“ is generally not going to be the best way to predict whether future challenges are ahead. Usually following birth a baby will not take many actions, as eating and sleeping, along with bowel movements, are the primary actions. As a baby ages, and more of the brain is used, then parents can see if certain milestones are tracking.

Do Not Be Afraid To Speak With Doctors About The Brain Injury

One thing that we advise parents to do when their baby has an HIE injury is to speak with doctors about the injury. Sometimes parents will share with us that they are either afraid or scared to ask doctors questions about their baby’s injury.

One thing families can do is to ask doctors and medical professionals about the area or areas of the brain which have been impacted by the injury. Understanding what area or areas of the brain that are injured might allow parents to be able to predict the future challenges that their baby may face. The way this can work is for doctors to explain what area or areas the injured parts of the brain control. For example, will vision, hearing, speaking, etc…be impacted because those areas of the brain are injured?

If your baby has suffered an HIE entry at birth and you have questions as to what caused the injury I invite you to give us a call at our contact information below. Remember, it does not cost you anything to talk with us about your baby’s story. We help families like yours with birth injury investigations all the time and we will be happy to talk with you about what happened to your baby.

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