Today we will discuss the importance of baby HIE, medical experts. This discussion will take place on the backdrop of understanding these issues from a medical legal standpoint. One of the reasons why I will discuss this today is because families will sometimes wonder why my opinion as an HIE birth injury attorney is not enough to move forward with a case against those who have caused injury to their baby.


At the conclusion of this article, you will have better insight as to the mechanics of a birth injury lawsuit.


The Importance Of Baby HIE Medical Experts


One of the main reasons why medical experts are needed is because of the current status of medical malpractice law. In many states, as it is here in Maryland, current law requires the use of medical experts to complete a birth injury case. This is because these medical experts must give medical opinions as to things like the standard of care, causation, and damages/injury. To put it another way, the law requires that medical experts give an opinion as to whether there was a departure from the standard of care, causing the injury or the harm.


To do this, these medical experts will review all of the pertinent information surrounding the case and give their opinions.


As a birth injury attorney, I can have an opinion about a given case, but my opinion has to be supported by medical experts. This is why the birth injury attorney’s opinion is not the end all be all in these cases, if it is not supported by medical experts.


Is The Family Responsible For Finding These Experts?


The next question is probably going to be how do you find these experts? HIE birth injury attorneys like me understand the experts that are needed to pursue these cases. Because we have experience handling cases like this, we know where to find the qualified experts needed to give opinions.


As it pertains to my law firm because we must do a birth injury investigation before we can give a family a definitive answer as to whether we believe their birth injury claim is viable, we will speak to the needed experts on the front end to determine whether the case can move forward. So, this means that a family will not have to go out on their own initially and try to find experts for the birth injury investigation.


Hopefully now you can understand the importance of baby HIE medical experts. To speak with me further if you have questions as to what caused your baby’s HIE brain injury at birth, I invite you to get your phone and give me a call at my contact information below. I speak with families like yours all the time regarding HIE injuries in babies, and I will be happy to listen to your story.


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