Today we will tackle what are the long term effects of HIE for a baby? Once parents are told that their baby has suffered a traumatic brain injury, many will immediately begin to think about not only will their baby survive the injury, but how will the long term effects of this impact their child into the future, especially if there is a subsequent concern for a cerebral palsy diagnosis. It is important to remember that just because a baby may have an HIE diagnosis, a subsequent CP diagnosis is not automatic.


As a side, please note that what we are discussing in this educational article are just some of the most common challenges which may manifest. This does not mean that a baby who has just received an HIE diagnosis will suffer from all these conditions or others.


What Are The Long Term Effects Of HIE For A Baby?


HIE, or hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy is a traumatic brain injury which is generally caused by a reduction in oxygenated blood in a baby which can lead to a brain injury. When genetic or developmental issues are not present, a review of the labor and delivery process is done to see if medical negligence is the cause of the injury for parents who have more questions. Generally umbilical cord compression will be the culprit when there is a sudden drop in the baby’s heart rate on the electronic fetal heart monitor.


Below are the most common challenges that families report to us when their baby has suffered an HIE injury:


  • Seizures: Seizures can be characterized as abnormal brain activity. A baby may start out frequently having seizures but as time goes on the seizures might become less frequent.


  • Blindness/Vision Loss: Some parents report that their baby has complete blindness whereas others might report trouble in just one eye.


  • Hearing Loss: As with blindness and vision loss above, hearing loss can be complete in both ears or just one ear.


  • Thinking & Cognitive: Since HIE is a traumatic brain injury, cognitive ability can be impacted. However, the severity of the cognitive impact can depend on the severity of the brain injury.


  • Speaking: Even though some parents report speaking challenges, sometimes depending on the severity of the injury, the child can learn Sign to communicate if there is no verbal communication.


  • Swallowing & Eating Table Food: A feeding tube is used when a baby has trouble with table food.


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