One question that we receive a lot on, and offline is how long after birth can I make an HIE birth injury claim? The core of this question is a statute of limitations issue. In this educational article and supporting video I will discuss some of the critical issues presented when trying to figure out how long after birth can I make an HIE birth injury claim.


As a side, I will not give specific details about numbers in this video because the numbers can vary from state to state. For those types of questions, I suggest that you speak with your specific attorney for number issues. Maryland, where I am located might have different numbers from your state.


What Type Of Claims Are We Talking?


What some parents and families are not aware of is the fact that in some cases, there might be different claims that can be brought when a baby has suffered a traumatic brain injury at birth like HIE. Some states have specific claims that parents can bring and the baby can have specific claims that can be brought.


The issue of the statute of limitations can depend in some cases on the type of claim(s) that will be brought in court. In general, when the parents bring a claim, they will have less time to bring their claims than the baby. This is because essentially the baby’s youth will give them more time to file. Remember that this is in general and only your attorney will be able to give you specifics regarding this issue.


How Long After Birth Can I Make An HIE Birth Injury Claim?


The best advice that I can give you if you are dealing with these challenges is to speak with a birth injury attorney as soon as possible when you suspect that the doctors, nurses, and/or hospital is responsible for your baby’s birth injury. Waiting and allowing the time period to close can be devastating to families, especially when the evidence suggests that the medical professionals and hospital are responsible for the HIE injury.


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