A stuck baby and an HIE brain injury is a topic that many people can have questions about, with few even knowing that these issues exist. For some people, a stuck baby is something that arouses curiosity, but this condition can be extremely dangerous for a baby.


In today’s educational article and supporting video we will be discussing the two areas of concern when a baby is stuck or trapped behind a mother’s pelvis. If your baby has an HIE injury due to this, then this article may shed light on who this injury can occur.


A Stuck Baby And An HIE Brain Injury…


When a baby is essentially “stuck,” or trapped behind mom’s pelvis this medical condition is called shoulder dystocia. Shoulder dystocia can be a dangerous condition and can create an emergency in the labor and delivery room. One of the primary areas of injury when shoulder dystocia is present is injury to the shoulder.


If the brachial plexus nerves are injured with a shoulder dystocia complication, then there is a chance injury to the arm and/or hand can occur. From brachial plexus palsy to Klumpke Palsy, etc…shoulder dystocia injuries can sometimes lead to permanent injuries.


How A Brain Injury Can Occur


A stuck baby and an HIE brain injury can happen when, during the shoulder dystocia, the baby’s umbilical cord becomes compressed. Compression of the umbilical cord is just one way in which a baby can suffer the traumatic brain injury HIE.


In our practice in handling baby HIE brain injuries, compression of the umbilical cord is a pattern that we can sometimes see on the readings from the electronic fetal heart monitor. When a baby is dealing with shoulder dystocia there is a chance that the umbilical cord can get compressed. This is one of the reasons why, as stated above, that shoulder dystocia is an emergency and must be treated as such.


Shoulder dystocia cases must be diagnosed in time and treated accordingly. When doctors and nurses fail to recognize shoulder dystocia, or do not perform the maneuvers associated with freeing the baby correctly, the risk of serious injury and harm to the baby increases.


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