Black mothers’ childbirth deaths are finally beginning to gain notice nationally. Some researchers and medical professionals have been ringing the warning bells surrounding this issue for some time now. From issues revolving around structural racism, to implicit bias, etc…discussions are occurring on how to prevent these deaths. With that said, in the area of traumatic brain injuries suffered by babies during labor and delivery, there are some common issues reported by woman across the board which also tie into Black mothers’ maternal mortality problems. 



According to information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are multiple issues at play regarding Black women and increased maternal mortality rates compared to any other group of women. For this educational article, I will discuss the two issues that we commonly hear from mothers. 




Black Mothers’ Childbirth Deaths & Baby Traumatic Brain Injury Common Issues




One issue that shows up from a common theme standpoint is doctors and medical professionals failing to pay attention to their patient. Mothers routinely express to us that doctors and nurses go “missing” while they are moving through labor at hospitals. Although call type buttons are used in many hospitals, there can be a delay at times from the time the notification is pressed and a medical professional showing up to help. 



Another issue which we hear is that when the doctors and medical professionals appear, it can seem that the patient’s concerns are ignored or not taken seriously. We know this can be an issue because articles are now revealing that in some research nearly half of white medical trainees can have erroneous beliefs, stemming from myths, that Black people have thicker skin, and less sensitive nerve endings than white people. 



The above can present serious problems during labor and delivery, especially if the baby is in a condition called fetal distress. Not paying attention to mom can mean little attention is also being given to the baby. 



It is imperative when fetal distress is suspected that doctors and nurses move to remedy the distress. Conservative measures can be attempted but if they do not work then an emergency C-section has to be done when warranted. 



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