As a follow up of a previous topic, today we will discuss the dangers of an umbilical cord compression and HIE. It is important to note that when an umbilical cord is compressed, the length of the compression and how much blood and oxygen impacted can dictate possible injury to the baby. If the compression is quick and does not truly impact the delivery of blood and oxygen to the baby, then the chances of injury decrease.


At its basic level, the umbilical cord connects the baby to the placenta. As a result, it is responsible for delivering blood oxygen and other nutrients to the baby to assist with overall health and growth. For some, the baby’s umbilical cord is characterized as a baby’s life-line.


What Can Cause Umbilical Cord Compression?


There can be many causes of an unbiblical cord compression. For example, the medical condition shoulder dystocia can lead to umbilical cord compression. Shoulder dystocia occurs when a baby is trapped behind the mother’s pelvis thus creating an emergency in the delivery room. When the baby is essentially stuck due to shoulder dystocia there is an increased risk of the umbilical cord becoming trapped and initiating cord compression.


During an umbilical cord compression doctors and nurses can see certain readings on the electronic fetal heart monitor. When cord compression is present, the fetal heart rate might drop suddenly. This reading, if continued for a considerable amount of time can suggest fetal distress.


Dangers Of An Umbilical Cord Compression And HIE


HIE or hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy is a medical condition that can happen when there is a reduction in blood and oxygen which leads to a brain injury. Dangers of an umbilical cord compression and HIE are present when the compressed umbilical cord causes a reduction in blood and oxygen to the baby.


As a result of the above, it is imperative that doctors and nurses pay attention to the readings on the electronic fetal heart monitor for signs of things like on biblical cord compression because of the dangers it can present in some instances.


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