Why you can afford to investigate your baby’s brain injury, even though you may not think this is possible initially. From time to time, we have an opportunity to talk with parents who are concerned about the financial aspect of hiring a birth injury attorney. These parents will usually make it plain and clear that the financial aspect may have an impact on whether they can move forward with an investigation into the cause of their baby’s traumatic brain injury at birth, namely HIE.


At the conclusion of this article you should have a better understanding as to some of the tools that can be used to help investigate your baby’s brain injury. With these types of cases in certain instances the financial aspect of things should not preclude a family from being able to get this type of investigation done.


Why You Can Afford To Investigate Your Baby’s Brain Injury


It has been my experience that when I talk with many parents they think that to hire a birth injury attorney they will have to pay the attorney an hourly rate. In other words, the thought process is that they will have to pay the attorney by the hour to take the case. With this understanding, a family can be discouraged because of how long it can take to get to the end of a birth injury case.


If you are looking to engage a birth injury attorney, one thing you should ask about is whether the attorney or law firm can work on your case through a contingency fee agreement. A contingency fee agreement is one way that families and attorneys can meet in the middle when looking to investigate the cause of a traumatic brain injury.


How a contingency fee agreement works is that it is a contract between the client and the attorney in which the attorney agrees to put up the money in advance to prosecute the case. In return, the attorney can recover their costs and legal fees at the conclusion of the case either through a settlement or successful jury verdict. Under this type of agreement, this can allow a family to have access to a birth injury investigation and the prosecution of their claim without having to spend much money initially.


When discussing a contingency fee agreement, it is imperative to still understand that these agreements are contracts. As a reminder, you should not sign and enter into a contractual agreement until you understand all of the terms of the agreement. As a result, a family should be sure to review the terms of any contingency fee agreement before signing. If there are terms in the agreement in which a family does not understand, they should be sure to get clarification from the attorney or law firm before signing.


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