Financial recovery for a baby with a traumatic brain injury is a topic that we would like to spend some time discussing. Although this article will touch on some of the main points associated with financial recovery for these children, the supporting video goes into greater detail with these financial issues and should also be reviewed, as it is embedded in this article above.


One of the main points I want to stress early in this discussion when analyzing financial recovery for a baby with a traumatic brain injury is that the parents must also keep in mind the needs of the baby as he or she ages. It is not enough to just worry about “today” in a lot of instances when a traumatic brain injury like hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, and or cerebral palsy is diagnosed.


Financial Recovery For A Baby With A Traumatic Brain Injury


When a birth injury attorney is investigating a traumatic brain injury for a family, one of the issues present is the extent of the damages, or harm done. Damages is an element of negligence and as a result, analysis must be done surrounding the harm. With that said, the focus on the harm done does not sit in a vacuum. Children who have a traumatic brain injury, like adults, have certain needs, and these needs may continue as they age.


The use of a lifecare planner is needed to help understand not only the injury and disability presented, but how the disability will impact the needs of the baby. A certified life care planner will also look at the family needs and how the disability will accompany day to day life. So let us suppose that the baby will needs a wheelchair as they age to help with mobility. Consideration will be made for not only the chair, but home and car accommodations too.


These are just some of the things that will be researched when financial recovery for a baby with a traumatic brain injury is investigated. To speak with me further about these issues (your baby’s HIE and or CP diagnosis), call me at my contact info below. It costs nothing to call and share your baby’s story.


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