Discussing a baby’s HIE injury and standard of care is something that I feel needs to be talked about more in-depth. This article explaining a baby’s HIE injury and standard of care is more of a follow-up on an article I posted a few weeks ago discussing holistic birthing plans. Offline I had discussions with individuals who essentially wanted to know if a “bad result (their words) occurred, was that essentially medical malpractice?


As a result of the above, I am going to go more in-depth about this issue. Please remember that the basis of this discussion is how Maryland views these legal issues.


Baby’s HIE Injury And Standard Of Care


In the holistic birthing plan article, and supporting video, I stressed the fact that if parents feel that this type of birthing plan is right for them, that they do their research on the topic, especially regarding the safety measures in place if something does not go as planned during the labor and delivery. In addition, I stressed that they should also be updated on any liability protections that the holistic planner has if problems arise.


With the above stated, when there are medical professionals (doctors and nurses) involved in the labor and delivery of a child, they must perform at a minimum to the standard of care. What I mean by that is what would a reasonable and prudent doctor or nurse do under the same set of circumstances. That previous sentence is important to understand.


Another point with the standard of care is that neither I, as the lawyer, or you as the parent, can testify as to the standard of care unless we are qualified as experts to give that opinion. In this context, because we are dealing with medical doctors and nurses, a qualified doctor or nurse will have to give an opinion as to the standard of care. So, it is not enough for me as the attorney to have an opinion as to the standard of care. A medical expert will have to explain the standard of care, and whether there was a departure from the standard of care, causing the harm or injury.


Hopefully now you have a better grasp of the concept of standard of care and how it can impact birth trauma and a baby’s HIE injury at birth. To speak with me further regarding your baby’s HIE injury and standard of care, or any of these types of issues, my contact information is below. It costs nothing to speak with me about your baby’s story.


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