Why patience is important in birth injury cases is something that can be missed in these types of discussions. Families rightfully initially want to know whether their child’s traumatic brain injury, usually hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy in our context, was caused by medical malpractice. What can get lost is why patience is important in birth injury cases.


Another way to view this question is essentially how long a birth injury case will take, when dealing with the court system. Below we will get into more details as to why patience is important.


Why Patience Is Important In Birth Injury Cases?


Birth injury cases can take a while to complete from start to finish. For those families wondering whether this type of work can be wrapped up in a few weeks, or months, the answer is that in general this will not happen. Patience is needed because a thorough investigation is needed for not only success, but to be able to convey to a family what may have been the cause of their baby’s traumatic brain injury.


In addition, your attorney will have to hire medical experts to review all the pertinent information surrounding your pregnancy and labor and delivery. These experts will then write reports and give opinions as to things like the standard of care, and causation. Add to this, depositions, other discovery, motions practice, etc.…are all other things that will take place during this process. As a result, it is important for families to be patient while their attorneys unpack all this work.


While all of this is occurring, I sometimes advise parents that one of the most helpful things that they can do is to focus on their baby and family. What I mean by this is for families to stay on top of doctors’ appointments and other testing that may be needed. In other words, families should be sure to focus on family issues and allow their attorneys to focus on the legal issues.


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