Uterine Contractions and baby oxygen levels are extremely important to understand when assessing a baby who has suffered from the traumatic brain injury HIE, or hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy. This uterine contractions and baby oxygen article, and supporting video, is a follow-up of an article and video I recently posted on this topic. There were more questions off-line regarding understanding a baby’s oxygen levels and contraction patterns.


 Uterine Contractions And Baby Oxygen Levels


When a mother is having too many contractions, this medical condition is called tachysystole. On the high end, mothers will have 5 contractions, over a 10-minute time frame, analyzed over a 30-minute period. Anything over this amount can sometimes cause problems because mom and baby will not have enough time to recover.


During contractions, pressure is placed on the baby. Think of it like a squeezing action. When a baby is squeezed during a contraction, this can impact the baby’s blood and oxygen supply. Tachysystole can prevent the mother from being able to recover after the contraction, and it can also prevent the baby from recovering. Recovery is important because the recovery allows the baby to collect blood and oxygen after being “squeezed.”


Finally, if tachysystole goes on for too long, it might cause problems with a mother’s uterus. For example, if a uterine rupture starts, then this can create an immediate emergency. One of the problems with a uterine rupture is that it can cause mom to bleed, or hemorrhage. Excessive bleeding by mom can adversely impact the blood and oxygen for the baby. A reduction or cut off in blood and oxygen can lead to the traumatic brain injury HIE.


All the mentioned reasons above, and others, which were not covered today, is why understanding uterine contractions and baby oxygen levels are a must for doctors and nurses.


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