How a baby can lose oxygen during delivery is the focus of today’s article and supporting video. There are multiple things which can cause a baby to lose oxygen during delivery. From umbilical cord compression to placenta problems, to uterine issues, all these conditions can impact a baby’s oxygen levels. Add to it, if preeclampsia is something that mom is dealing with during pregnancy, this can impact the baby’s oxygen levels in some cases. With all of this stated, I will talk in this post about the two types of oxygen related brain injuries we investigate when a family contacts us regarding the cause of their baby’s HIE or hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy diagnosis.


 How A Baby Can Lose Oxygen During Delivery


Before going further, I would like to define HIE in our context. HIE is a reduction of blood and oxygen which can lead to a brain injury in a baby. How a baby can lose oxygen during delivery and suffer a brain injury can be revealed on brain scans. Medical experts who have experience interpreting and reading these scans can help paint a picture of what may have happened to the brain.


The first type of injury we can see is an acute type of injury in which there is an immediate cut off oxygen to the brain. As mentioned above, something like umbilical cord compression can lead to a cut off oxygen to the baby. During labor and delivery, the reading from the electronic fetal heart monitor can alert doctors to cord compression. For example, there might be a sudden drop of the readings on the electronic fetal heart monitor, creating a reading of bradycardia in some cases.


The second type of injury is a partial prolong asphyxia injury. One can understand this type of injury like a garden hose. If the hose is compressed, but not cut-off, the water can still move through the hose but at a reduced rate. When this type of injury happens to a baby, the oxygen deprivation occurs over time. Again, it is imperative that doctors and nurses understand these issues because an acute or partial prolong condition can be dangerous to a child if it is not managed properly.


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