In today’s video I talk about three tips when researching your baby’s HIE diagnosis. For this talk we focus more so on questions and discussions we have had with past and current clients. As a result, I am not going to focus much on the medical legal aspect of this issue. Instead the focus will be on guidance to families who are early in the HIE journey. Because for many families, hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy is a new frontier and the tips I suggest may not be initially on their radar.

3 Tips When Researching Your Baby’s HIE Diagnosis


The first tip when researching your baby’s HIE diagnosis is to not be afraid to get a second opinion when warranted. In many instances families will defer to their medical providers and rightfully so. With that said, if it seems as if the providers are not being clear or answering your questions then a second opinion may be warranted.


A second opinion may also be warranted if you have questions regarding whether your baby has an HIE diagnosis or not. This opinion can either confirm or give more insight as to your child’s condition. At the end of the day families must do what they think is best for their baby and their future.


The second tip when researching your babies HIE diagnosis is to look for resources regarding housing. What I mean by this is that if your baby has to be transferred to another hospital, and this hospital is far away from your home, researching housing can be helpful. It is best in these types of instances to see what resources your state may provide regarding housing. For some families their baby may have to stay in the hospital for a couple of weeks,  but for others the stay can be months long.


The final tip when you are doing your research is to not compare your baby with another baby who has the traumatic brain injury HIE. The reason this is the case is because these types of traumatic brain injuries are individual to the person with the injury. No two children will react the same because no two children will have the same circumstances surrounding their injury. This tip is especially important to those who are in, for example, mommy groups on social media. We have been told that in some of these groups discussions will center around an assumption that all of the children may react in the same way to an HIE diagnosis.


To speak with me further regarding any questions that you may have regarding your baby’s HIE diagnosis you can reach me at my contact information below. Remember, it costs you absolutely nothing to talk with me about your baby’s story.


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