How do you find the best HIE lawyer for your baby? In today’s discussion I will explain three tips that parents can use when they are looking to find an HIE attorney to investigate the cause of their baby’s diagnosis. Unfortunately, for many parents because this is such sudden situation they have no experience investigating these types of issues. In addition, finding the right attorney can present challenges for some people if they have never had to hire an attorney in the past.

Best HIE Lawyer For Your Baby?

Below are the following tips:

  1. Does the attorney or law firm handle birth injury cases? Although this sounds simple, this may be confusing for some families. The reason being is because a lot of information online covers personal injury and medical malpractice attorneys. Although a traumatic brain injury like HIE is a type of injury, birth injury cases can follow a different set up than some personal injury cases. For example, in birth injury cases the use of medical experts from varying specialties will be required, especially in a state like Maryland. In an auto collision case where injuries have been sustained, the use of medical experts may not be required. Understanding whether an attorney or law firm has experience in birth trauma cases can be helpful for a family looking to make the best decision for their situation.
  2. What does the attorney or law firm’s online profile reveal about their practice areas? In the age of social media, families can use online information to get a better understanding of an attorney’s practice areas. Using the web to review an attorney‘s website can reveal that attorney’s area or areas of focus. Not only can an attorney‘s website be useful searching to see if they have a YouTube page or other social media pages, it can also be an important investigative tool. For example, embedded in this blog entry is a video from my firm’s YouTube page. The page has had over 300,000 views on our educational content. Families can view these videos to get a better understanding of the birth trauma process and see if Boston Law Group, LLC is a good fit for their situation.
  3. Will the attorney or law firm charge to do an investigation? One important factor in this process for some families is cost. Knowing whether you have to put money up first before an attorney will either get medical records or do an investigation is something that families should want to know. The reason why I state this is because not all law firms may handle this situation the same. For example, here at BLG we do not charge a family upfront to do an investigation into the cause of their child’s hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy diagnosishypoxic ischemic encephalopathy diagnosis. This cannot be said for all law firms. As a result, families should find out early in the process whether they will have to pay upfront for an attorney or law firm to do a birth injury investigation.

If you have more questions about this topic I would encourage you to reach out to me at my contact information below. It is no charge for you to call and set up an appointment to discuss your baby’s story.

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