Life expectancy for HIE is an important discussion and one in which a lot of parents can have questions. Included in this line of questioning is usually what challenges will an HIE diagnosis bring for the baby. In today’s article I will discuss these issues from a medical legal point of view and share information regarding what some research suggests about life expectancy for HIE.


Remember, of you have specific questions regarding your baby’s condition from a medical legal perspective, please remember to speak with your own attorney. The information discussed today will be general in nature.


Understanding The Possible HIE Challenges For Your Baby


For parents with a recent HIE diagnosis, one of the ways to try and understand what type of challenges your baby might face as they get older is to understand what area(s) of the brain that have been impacted by the injury. Because HIE, in our context is a reduced level of blood and oxygen, which leads to a brain injury, this blood and oxygen issue can impact other parts of the body too in some instances.


For example, if the part of the brain that controls movement is impacted, parents might see movement challenges for their baby. Same would hold for eating and swallowing, as another example. Therefore, you want to see if the doctors can help you and your family get an understanding of these issues.


Life Expectancy For HIE


As I state in the supporting video, no one can predict with certainty the exact minute a person will leave this Earth. With that said, some reports have been done to try and give an estimate as to the percentage of babies born with HIE who will survive. One of the critical things to understand in this assessment is the severity of the brain injury.


According to some information, children with a severe HIE diagnosis have a mortality rate of 20-50%. Of the children who survive, 80% of them will go on to have other complications. Some of the reason this is the case is because an injury to the brain can impact other parts of the body. For children, the first few days following birth are critical.


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