Asking about birth injury questions can be hard for some people. Especially when asking about these questions essentially involve medical legal issues and an HIE diagnosis. Speaking to an attorney is often hard enough, but when certain other factors are added moving forward can be even harder.


For many of the families who contact us in their investigation into these issues they discover that medical experts are needed. Because medical experts cost money, this can be a hindrance to asking questions about a birth injury. In this article I am going to explain why this should not prevent asking about birth injury questions from a medical legal standpoint.


Before getting further into this discussion, you should know that not every lawyer or law firm will handle this situation the same way. As a result, be sure to ask specific questions as to how the law firm you wish to speak with handles this issue.


Asking About Birth Injury Questions


Birth injury cases fall under a category in the law call medical malpractice. To prove medical malpractice cases especially in a state like Maryland, you must use medical experts who will give an opinion as to the standard of care. In addition to opinions as to the standard of care, these experts will also give opinions as to whether the deviation from the standard of care is what caused the injury. If you do not have these medical experts your case will not be successful.


Because we know that medical experts are needed for birth injury cases, we do our own initial investigation into the case. Here at our firm we do not require that you pay us upfront to do the initial investigation. This is why I mention above that you should not allow the fact that you may not have the money for a medical expert initially to prevent you from initially asking about birth injury questions from a medical legal standpoint.


For us this has been the best way to handle this issue because we know that families can have a lot already going on when their child has suffered a brain injury. Doing it this way allows for us to answer as many questions as possible for families about their situation.


If you have more questions of me, my contact information is down below. I speak with families all the time about issues such as HIE, cerebral palsy, MAS, and other birth trauma related issues. I would be happy to take some time and listen to your story.


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