One question that we are repeatedly asked when speaking with families is what was the cause of the HIE diagnosis? In this educational article and supporting video I will discuss one way in which you can listen for possible clues as to the cause of your baby’s HIE diagnosis.


If this is something that you are dealing with for the first time know that there are professionals who you can speak with about these issues.


Where You Can Find Possible Clues As To The Cause Of The HIE Diagnosis…


In our experience, for many families when doctors suspect that a brain injury has occurred the baby is handed off to the NICU Unit. There can be multiple reasons for the handoff. Different hospitals have different protocol as to when doctors and nurses must call the NICU. For example, if meconium is present when the water breaks then the NICU might be on standby.


Early in this process medical professionals might explain to families how the brain injury occurred. For example, the doctors may initially say genetics or developmental issues are the cause of the injury. With that said, families should be on the lookout if the cause of the injury changes.


In a recent discussion with a family, we learned that the reason they reached out to us is because of the change in the cause of the injury that was given to them during a breakout session with their baby’s doctors. Initially the doctors said that the cause of the injury was possibly genetic, however, after a few days had passed and they had a second meeting with more doctors, birth trauma was suggested. This painted an entirely different picture as to what was happening with their baby during labor and delivery.


These subsequent meetings with doctors can provide much insight into a baby’s HIE diagnosis. Therefore, it is imperative for parents to pay close attention as to what the medical professionals are telling them during these meetings.


Before I close this article I want to also explain one more thing. If at any time as parents you feel that you should get a second opinion as to your child’s condition it is my opinion that you should not hesitate to take that action. A second opinion can help either confirm an initial diagnosis or it can provide a roadmap to another diagnosis.


If you have more questions and would like to speak with me further about your baby’s HIE diagnosis my info is down below. I speak with families all the time about these issues and I would be happy to speak with you.


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