In today’s educational video we will discuss the difference between an anoxic and hypoxic brain injury at birth. For many parents who contact us a brain injury at birth can come with a lot of questions. Initially, these parents may simply understand that their baby has a brain injury and questions arise because of what caused this to happen. In addition, the cost of future care is a serious concern for many families.


At the conclusion of this article you will have a better understanding of these medical conditions from a medical/legal standpoint. With that said, both conditions, especially in severe conditions, can have a major impact on a baby’s quality of life.




An anoxic brain injury is one in which there is a complete cut off oxygen. On the other hand, a hypoxic brain injury is one in which there is a reduction of oxygen. This reduction is what can lead to a brain injury. For an anoxic brain injury, it is self-explanatory that if there is a cutoff of oxygen then there can be an injury to the brain.


These two types of brain injuries are traumatic in nature. The thing is many people think of traumatic brain injuries as having to occur when there is a physical injury to the brain like a hit on the head. Anoxic and hypoxic brain injuries, depending on the severity, can cause longstanding challenges for a baby. HIE, or hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, is a type of traumatic brain injury that a baby can suffer at birth.




There can be many causes of an anoxic or hypoxic injury. From developmental, to genetic, to birth trauma, all these things can cause a baby to suffer a brain injury. With that said, our investigations center around birth trauma. In other words, was it something that the doctors, the nurses, and/or hospital did which is what caused the brain injury? The electronic fetal heart monitor is a helpful tool to review, among other things, when investigating these issues for a family.


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