In today’s article I would like to talk with you about what you can do if you suspect your baby’s HIE diagnosis was caused by malpractice. For some families, this suspicion can arise immediately after delivery and for other families it is not until a second opinion is gathered that they begin to question what may have happened during labor and delivery. It is my hope in this talk to give you information which will allow you to have the resources available to make the best decision for your family. As I have said in past videos and articles, taking this action today might win you praise from your future self.


What can be devastating is when a family reaches out to you but because so much time has passed there is not much you can do, generally because so much information is missing due to time. Taking the action today, talked about here if you suspect the HIE diagnosis was caused by malpractice, can help with the loss of information in the future.




Before talking about the action, you can take today I want to explain to you why some families suspect the HIE diagnosis was caused by malpractice. For some of the families that contact us what causes them great concern is what may have happened during labor and delivery. In some instances, it seems that that doctors and nurses are not paying close enough attention to mom and baby. In others it will be because of second opinion doctors and in some others, it will just be because a medical professional suggests to a family to seek legal help.


Regardless of the reason a family might suspect the HIE diagnosis was caused by malpractice, what is discussed now will help protect the reasons for those concerns.




If you suspect the HIE diagnosis was caused by malpractice take the time to get all the medical records from labor and delivery. These records are important because they help preserve the picture and what happened during the birth of your baby. Even if you are not thinking about getting legal help or a second opinion right now these records can be important if you ever change your mind in the future. I am saying this because it has been our experience that in some cases when families contact us years and years after their baby is born the passing of time can erase memories and certain records. It can be sad to have to tell a family that we cannot help them because essentially the records are gone, or certain important facts have been lost to time.


When requesting the medical records from labor and delivery be sure to request mother’s records, baby’s records, and the readings from the electronic fetal heart monitor. In many instances these requests will have to be in writing to the hospital. One more thing, when requesting the records see if you can get the records on CD or an electronic copy.


To speak with me further about any questions that you may have regarding your baby’s HIE diagnosis, contact me at my contact information below. I talk with families like yours all the time and I would be happy to speak with you further.


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