The focus of this short educational article is baby and parent claims after a birth injury. Believe it or not, baby and parent claims after a birth injury can vary and in some instances be different from each other. This is why it is important to be sure to analyze all potential claims when bringing a birth injury claim.

Remember, if you have specific questions regarding the type of claims that are warranted in your exact situation, please talk with your personal attorney, as these cases can vary from state to state.

In general, when a baby suffers a birth injury, the parents will take certain actions. For example, the parents may have to pay certain amounts for medical care. In addition, the parents may suffer loss of time at work, thus a reduction in income. These are just some of the issues one, or both of the parents might face following their baby’s injury at birth. This can also include in some instances a claim for an injury, if mom suffers one during childbirth at the hands of the medical professionals.

As discussed above, the parents can have certain claims and this can also hold true for the baby. The brain injury HIE, or hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy can create certain challenges for a baby. Because it is a brain injury highlighted by a reduced level of blood and oxygen leading to the brain injury, a child can sometimes have a lifetime of challenges. With these challenges, a child might need certain things. For example, the child might need wheelchairs throughout their life. In addition, a child might need certain adaptations or retro fits to their living arraignments.

All of these things, and more will be claims that the baby will be able to bring in their birth injury claim. A birth injury attorney like myself will be able to sit down with a family and discuss and analyze all potential claims that might be viable to a family.


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