In this video talk Renee and I explain issues related to gut feelings, bad results, and medical malpractice. It is important to understand that gut feelings can be an important starting point for seeking help with a medical malpractice investigation. With that said, it is important to understand the limitations associated with gut feelings.

At the conclusion of this talk you will understand why we as birth injury and medical malpractice attorneys must be objective and use the facts, as understood by interviewing our client, and outlined in the medical records, to conduct a complete investigation.



Maryland law places a burden in the form of causation on plaintiffs who bring medical malpractice claims. On a basic level this means that the doctors, nurses, and/or hospital must be the cause of the injury. It cannot be something else that is the cause of the injury.

It has been our experience that for some families, the bad result is the primary focus. The problem with this analysis sometimes is that it misses the complete picture. For example, there can be times in which the bad result happened through no fault of the medical professionals.



One area where we can see gut feelings, bad results, and medical malpractice issues is with late stage cancer cases and death. How this can happen is a loved one who is battling late stage cancer will be hospitalized. During the hospital stay the family may think that something the doctors or nurses did caused their loved one to pass away while in the hospital. In some instances the family may suggest to us that they have a gut feeling that the doctors or nurses did something wrong and as a result, this started the family to look for a medical malpractice attorney.


The issue that we must be on the lookout for in situations like this is causation. Remember what I stated above? We must be able to connect the actions of the doctors and nurses to the injury or the harm. In late stage cancer cases the issue that can arise is being able to prove that it was not the cancer that caused the death. With late stage cancer cases the cancer has moved from its initial location to other parts of the body, causing serious damage.


Hopefully now you can see that a thorough investigation into causation is something that medical malpractice attorneys have to have a handle on before filing a claim.


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