Although admission to the birthing unit might vary from hospital to hospital, there will be some things which will be similar across the board. In this video talk, we are going to explain why admission to the birthing unit can be important in a birth injury investigation in which a baby has suffered a traumatic injury at birth, usually in this context, a brain injury.


For a lot of families who contact us, there can be a lot of confusion surrounding not only what may have caused their baby’s injury at birth, but what are the next steps for finding answers.




As I previously mentioned, although the specifics in each hospital might vary, these things in general will be done by the nurse upon admission to the birthing unit:


  • Determine why the patient is there for admission
  • Gather the patient’s history
  • Do a review of the prenatal record for mom
  • Move to a physical examination of mom and baby


Once these things are done, the nurse may then discuss prenatal issues with mom. These discussions might center around:


  • Estimated date of delivery
  • The current gestational age
  • Whether mom has experienced any complications during pregnancy and if so, what type.
  • The results stemming from laboratory tests and ultrasounds
  • If mom used any medications during pregnancy and if so, their names
  • The presence of vaginal bleeding or discharge
  • The status of amniotic fluid
  • Fetal movement will be noted
  • Fetal contraction patterns and their onset.




From a medical legal prospective, the information we just discussed is helpful in completing the picture of what may have happened during labor and delivery. It is important to know what the doctors and nurses knew as they assisted mom through labor and delivery and what actions, if any, that they performed.


One of the main areas of analysis when getting answers for families is whether the medical professionals adhered to the standard of care owed to mom and baby, and if there was a departure from the standard, is this what caused the injury? Starting at the admission to the birthing unit is a good way to begin the question for these answers.




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