The need for this article stems from a conversation that I recently had with a family. Essentially, they were looking for birth injury guidance because their baby had suffered a brain injury during birth. All they had to go on was that the baby had “complications” and that it would require a stay in the NICU. This was devastating news for the family, as this was totally unexpected.


In this birth injury article, I will talk about 3 things that families can do if they are looking for general information regarding birth injury guidance. Remember, if you have specific questions as to what happened during labor and delivery, and you have medical legal questions, you should talk with your attorney regarding those issues.




When a baby has suffered a brain injury at birth, one thing that can provide answers to families regarding their child is what area of the brain has been injured. This is a tip that can be overlooked at times by families because of all that can be happening in their life. Understanding the area of the brain that has been injured can help parents understand what challenges their baby may face as they get older and move through life.


For example, if the area of the brain that controls movement is injured, or the area that controls speech is injured, then parent can be on the lookout for challenges which deal with moving and talking. Knowing this can also allow parents to pay attention in ways which will allow them to see how the injury is manifesting itself. Remember, all children are different, and a one size fits all approach may not work. Therefore, it is important for parents to pay close attention to their baby’s development and neonatal milestones.




Tip number two, when dealing with birth injury guidance dovetails from tip one, and that is asking about treatment options. When you know what area(s) of the brain that are injured, you allow yourself to move into possible treatment options, and have a better understanding of what may be needed. For example, if the doctors tell you that an area of the brain that has been injured controls movement, then there will be certain things that you will be on the lookout for treatment wise. For instance, braces may be needed to help with movement. On the other hand, maybe an electronic wheelchair is the better way to go. Regardless, understanding how the injured area(s) might manifest, will get to asking better questions of the medical providers regarding treatment for your baby.




Tip three is something that many parents deal with and it stems from doctors sometimes failing to communicate with parents in a way that non-medical people can understand. As a result, I suggest that parents alert doctors when they are having a hard time understanding what the doctors are telling them. As one parent told me, “it seems that the doctor is talking in circles, I just don’t understand what is going on.” Because I deal with doctors in my line of work, I know that some doctors are just better than others in communication.


Regardless, parents of children who have suffered brain injures at birth should do all that they can to understand what the doctors are telling them regarding the diagnosis and future treatment options for their child. If the doctors are pushing a lot of medial concepts that you and your family are having a hard time understanding, see if they can use “non-medical” examples to relay the concept.




To speak with me further about what has happened to your baby, pick up the phone and call me. I talk with families all the time regarding birth injury issues, from a cerebral palsy diagnosis, to a hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) diagnosis, and more.


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