So, the question is how is life after a CP diagnosis and a birth injury case? To state the question another way, after a baby has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and their family completes a successful birth injury case, what are the next steps in their lives? I know this can be a question on the minds of some parents because during initial consultations with some parents, a version of this question can come up in discussion.


Before going deeper into this discussion, I want you to know that not every case will be different and must be assessed accordingly. In addition, no attorney can guarantee an outcome in a case. With that said, this educational article, and supporting video will help you understand some of the key issues associated with these cases.




If you think about these issues logically, you must know how to prove a birth injury case to be successful. Maryland law requires that you use medical experts who will give opinions on whether there was a departure from the standard of care, which caused your baby’s brain injury. To be successful with this part of the process a good initial investigation must take place. This investigation will cover an initial interview with the parents and a review of all the relevant medical records.


The medical expert(s) giving opinions will also review these records as the basis of their opinions. After the review, the experts will write reports and testify in depositions and the trial, if needed. If the case is resolved though mediation, or some other form of settlement, the trial will not be needed.




What we find is that for some parents, life after a CP diagnosis and birth injury case continues to be a journey of advocacy for their baby. One of the biggest differences however is that before the birth injury case, many parents struggle with resources for treatment. Resources can be hard for many families because of the cost associated with medical care and treatment here in the United States. As the research has shown, to care for a baby with CP all the way up into adulthood can cost millions of dollars, depending on the severity of the diagnosis.


Families can take advantage of the life care plan that is put together in birth injury cases for the benefit of their baby. Life care plans are a tool used by birth injury attorneys to help map out the things that babies will need not only early in life, but as they age. The plans are put together by professionals who specialize in disability and employment.




Although each set of circumstances will differ, life after a CP diagnosis and birth injury case can allow parents to continue to advocate for their babies with resources that they may not have had before moving forward with a birth injury claim.


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