One disappointing reality is that for some people because of their financial situation they either delay or refuse to speak with a birth injury attorney. As a result, they are not familiar with hiring a birth injury attorney on a budget. A sad byproduct of this thinking is that babies, who will need help meeting their future challenges may not get the aid needed.


The truth of the matter is that in some instances, there are tools available to parents for hiring a birth injury attorney on a budget. Before getting into the substance of this topic, I want to remind you that before signing up with a birth injury attorney, or any attorney for that matter, you take the time to be sure that you understand the terms of any agreement. If you do not understand something, get clarification before signing.




As one person told me, after doing their research on how to prove these cases, they thought getting an attorney to help would be a long shot. This is because they found out that medical experts are needed to prove these cases, and these experts cost. Maryland law require that medical experts are used to testify as to not only the standard of care (what a reasonable and prudent doctor would do under the same set of facts and circumstances), but whether the treating doctor fell below the standard of care, causing the injury. Without this testimony, the case will fail.


To compound matters, many people know that to hire an attorney by the hour can cost thousands of dollars, depending on the attorney’s hourly rate. When the attorney’s hourly rate is added to what is needed to hire medial experts, many people can see this as an impossible mountain to climb, given a weak economic situation. Below I discuss how if you are in this situation, there can be hope.




The contingency fee agreement allows individuals on a budget to get their babies birth trauma case prosecuted. In essence, a contingency fee agreement allows for an attorney to front the costs to get your case through the system. The attorney will then recover his legal fee and costs from a jury verdict or settlement of the case.


Paying for medical experts, depositions, and other filing fees are things that attorneys will handle under a contingency fee agreement. One word of advice however, as I stated above, is that you be sure that you understand the terms of the agreement before signing. One area which you must understand deals with costs. Look to see will the costs come out of a recovery or will you have to pay the costs before the attorney takes the case. Each attorney and law firm may handle this issue in a different way so it is important that you understand how this may impact your case.


With that said, I hope that you can understand how a contingency fee agreement can help with hiring a birth injury attorney on a budget. You will be surprised how many people do not know that disagreement exists. I think that it is important for people to understand contingency fee agreements because these agreements can help a baby who has suffered birth trauma meet their future challenges using life care plans and other methods.




If you have other questions, don’t be afraid to call me. I talk with families all the time about the challenges that their baby’s may face due to errors during delivery by doctors and hospitals.


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