Mommy bullying in birth injury social media groups is a slightly different topic than what I usually cover in our materials. However, with the growing number of private online and social media groups, this topic is something that we are hearing about more and more from people who we deal with in this area of work.


What the issue boils down to is that in some groups, if questions stray even so slightly away from what everyone envisions a parent to think regarding the care and treatment for their child, all hell can break out. In this article, I will explain why this type of thinking can be not only toxic for your situation, but harmful in regarding to potential diagnosis and treatment.




If you have not experienced mommy bulling in birth injury social media groups, you probably have no clue how this can manifest itself. This is because some of these groups are not readily accessible in a “public” forum, which is totally understandable. Mothers, and sometimes fathers, will move to these types of groups for support in their journey. This is a good thing! In no way is my position that a person should never join these types of support groups. What I am saying is that one should not let “others” who you have connected with via social media prevent you for doing what you think is right regarding your baby.


Break down in some of these groups can occur when a parent asks for information regarding say, getting a second opinion as to their child’s diagnosis (what you don’t “trust” what your doctor is telling you?). Or when a parent has questions regarding the type of challenges a child may have because of a certain diagnosis. Mentioning any advice regarding a consultation with a birth injury attorney to see if the doctor or hospital is truly responsible for a child’s diagnosis can also be seriously problematic. These examples, and many more can pit one mom against an entire group of moms because the mom asking the question may think about the issues in a different way.


I cannot stress this point enough, as a mother or father, you must do what you think is in the best interest of your family. You cannot let what “others” may think about you dictate getting the help that your baby may need. For example, a second opinion might be able to get you clarification as to a diagnosis or discover a more accurate diagnosis. In addition, speaking with a birth injury attorney, if you have feelings that the cause of your baby’s brain injury was due to something the medical professionals and hospital failed to do, and you feel that they should be held accountable, should be an action you are free to take without bullying and shaming. That type of behavior should have NO place in preventing you from doing what is best for your family.


I am in this line of work to help children and families and I can see the stress and strain a situation like this can place on a family, a well spirited hard-working family. Social media and online groups will come and go, but your family should be there for the long haul. Wishing you all the best!


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