How do birth injury similarities & Taraji Henson, “We’ve been taught to pray our problems away” tie into each other? As a little background, Ms. Henson was talking about suicide and mental health in the black community. This is a discussion that is badly needed, and a huge shout out goes to Ms. Henson for speaking up on the issue.


She was before the Official Congressional Black Caucus Emergency Task Force on Black Youth Suicide and Mental Health. It was during her statement that she spoke about how many are socialized in the black community, and that is that all problems can essentially be done away with through prayer alone. Prayer alone is all that is needed can be a mantra put forth by many.


How the above ties into birth injury cases is that, in our experience, this mantra has been used as to why either families do not attempt to use outside forces to help their baby/child get the help they need when a doctor or hospital has caused a devastating injury, or wait, in some cases, too long to reach out for help (statute of limitations has run out on the claim).


In no way am I slamming people’s right to pray. If prayer works to help you in this type of situation, I would strongly suggest that you do it! What I will do in this article is help you understand how other things can also work IN CONJUNCTION with prayer for your family.




A few days ago, I did a video and wrote an article explaining what the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) found when researching the cost of care and treatment for children diagnosed with cerebral palsy. In their 2003 numbers, the cost was close to $1 million, and those are numbers that are almost 20 years old now. The reality is that nowadays, depending on the severity of the cerebral palsy diagnosis, the cost of treatment and care can be in the multiple millions of dollars.


Birth injury attorneys use tools like life care plans to help map out the care that the baby will need heading into the future. So, for example, things like wheelchairs, leg braces, feeding tubes, home retro fitting, etc… will be included in the life care plan. In addition, the costs of the items not only as of today will be considered, but also future costs (costs seem to rise the further we go into the future) will be included. Attorneys who handle these cases will be able to incorporate this data into your damages claim and help you understand the potential value of the claim.





As I mentioned in the start of this article, prayer can be used in conjunction with action for your baby. There’s another verse which reminds us that faith without works is essentially dead. This, to me, is the issue that parents face when they know that they will need help meeting their baby’s challenges following a birth injury, especially something like a brain injury and subsequent cerebral palsy diagnosis.


For families and individuals who see prayer as help, remember, it is OK to use prayer in conjunction with other things which may also be helpful. At the end of the day, families should be looking to make sure that they are using everything at their disposal to help their baby. The truth of the matter is that babies who have CP diagnoses will need help in meeting their challenges going into the future.





Birth injury similarities & Taraji Henson and her testimony before the Official Congressional Black Caucus Emergency Task Force on Black Youth Suicide and Mental Health are important discussions that need to continue to take place. As we in the black community continue to strive to get more information to the people, the betterment of lives will continue to take place.


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