Was oxygen deprivation the cause of your baby’s cerebral palsy diagnosis? To put the question another way, did the lack of oxygen cause your baby’s brain injury at birth? When some parents contact us, they do not even know the role a lack or reduced level of oxygen played during labor and delivery.


One purpose of this birth injury article is to help educate you the reader about a possible cause of a brain injury at birth, and subsequent cerebral palsy diagnosis, from a medical legal standpoint. If you are facing this situation, know that there are people out here who can answer your questions and help!




Have the doctors mentioned HIE to you regarding your baby’s condition? Or, have you seen this word in your baby’s medical records? HIE can be important because what it means is that a reduced level of blood and oxygen was present, which led to a brain injury.


When oxygen flow is interrupted, or completely cut off to a baby during delivery, serious problems can ensue. There can be multiple reasons or causes of oxygen deprivation during labor and delivery. For example, any condition which can lead to a compressed umbilical cord can interfere with a baby’s oxygen delivery. In addition, conditions that deal with the mother’s uterus can impact the delivery of oxygen to your baby, namely a uterine rupture. These are just some examples of underlying medical conditions which lead to the foundation of a HIE diagnosis.




Was oxygen deprivation the cause of your baby’s cerebral palsy? Medicine has defined cerebral palsy as essentially a movement disorder. When the area of the brain that controls movement is injured, movement will be hampered.


To the issue as to was oxygen deprivation the cause of your baby’s cerebral palsy, you should be able to see now how a reduced level of oxygen can indeed lead to a brain injury. You may not be a doctor, but you can understand that all humans need oxygen to survive. When there are oxygen issues in the body, the brain can suffer devastating injuries.




Oxygen deprivation the cause of your baby’ cerebral palsy diagnosis? Hopefully now you can see how oxygen levels at birth can be the cause of a baby’s brain injury. Doctors must correctly monitor a baby during labor and delivery for fetal distress and treat the condition accordingly. When conservative treatments do not work, doctors must be ready to move to an emergency C-section when warranted. Failure to diagnose and treat fetal distress the right way can lead to a baby suffering a brain injury and being diagnosed with a subsequent cerebral palsy condition.


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