Why doctors sometimes have million$ of reasons not to answer birth injury questions or play coy regarding the circumstances of the baby’s brain injury. Before I go further with the purpose of this birth injury educational article, I want you to understand that not all cases are the same. This means that each case must be analyzed through the facts present in that case. To put it another way, not every case will be the same.


At the conclusion of this birth injury educational article, you will be able to understand not only how birth injury attorneys put these cases together, but how doctors, hospitals, and defense attorneys view some of the issues present when a baby has a birth injury, especially a brain injury.






Oftentimes, when mothers contact us regarding their baby’s birth injury, they have lots of questions. We can listen and understand the facts being presented to us by these families. In some instances, these stories can have similarities. Some of the similarities stem around communication issues between doctors and the family. One of the main areas of communication problems deal with doctors not answering questions.


For some families when their baby has suffered a brain injury at birth doctors can be hesitant as to the information given to the families. We can See this when the mother has had problems during labor and delivery. For example, if there was meconium present when the mother’s water broke and the electronic fetal heart monitor reveal non reassuring readings.



If a doctor and or hospital deep down believe that they may be responsible 4 the birth injury it can be easy to understand why more information is not forthcoming. In the section below I will spell out why birth injury cases, especially when a brain injury is involved, can be valued at millions of dollars in some instances. Doctors know this, hospitals know this, and the defense attorneys who represent them know this.






When a baby suffers a brain injury at birth, the baby can be left with challenges for the rest of their life. These challenges may not be the same as compared to a baby without a brain injury. As a birth injury attorney, I must not only think about the baby’s current status, but we must also plan for what the baby will have to deal with into the future. Generally, babies who have a brain injury and subsequent cerebral palsy diagnosis need special treatment and resources.



To be able to plan out for these special treatments and resources, we use a tool called a life care plan. A life care plan is created by a professional whose expertise is in the area of disability and resources. A life care planner will look to see if the baby will need a wheelchair for example, an any other medical treatment. This can include certain types of therapies for example, speech therapy, equestrian therapy, and other forms of treatment for the baby. The life care plan will also look at the living arrangements for the baby. It will determine whether the current home needs to be either retrofitted or if a new house is needed all together. Remember, if the baby is currently living in a two-story home, and needs wheelchairs, then a ranch home maybe the better way to go. These issues may also be present regarding the family vehicle. Is a car a better way to go, or will a minivan work better with a ramp?



The life care plan will take these things into consideration and many more. In addition, the life care plan will reflect the needs of the baby throughout their life. So, for example, if the baby needs a wheelchair, then the life care plan will plan out for that wheelchair to be used throughout the baby’s life. This means that after a certain amount of years, a new wheelchair will have to be purchased. The life care plan takes the baby’s treatment into consideration throughout its life. Because this is the case, the costs will be projected in the plan for the baby’s life. As a result, the cost of treatment and care that this baby needs and deserves can reach millions of dollars.






Hopefully now you can see in some cases why doctors sometimes have million$ of reasons not to answer birth injury questions or drag families down rabbit holes. If your baby has suffered a birth injury and has a subsequent cerebral palsy diagnosis, this is what I invite you to do.



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