Should parents wait before calling a birth injury attorney? To put the question another way, when should parents reach out to an attorney if they suspect that their child has suffered a birth injury? Before getting deep into this topic, I want to remind you that ultimately it is your decision not only if you should reach out to a birth injury attorney, and when.



The purpose of this educational article is to help you understand some of the thought process if you are dealing with this situation. Below I will list some of the pros and the cons that are associated would either moving forward immediately or by waiting. Remember these are just my thoughts on the issue and you must make the best decision for you and your family.








Below I will talk about some of the pros with calling a birth injury attorney early in the process. One of the main issues that presents itself when a child has suffered a birth injury is the need for medical treatment and testing. For many families this can be problematic due to financial concerns. Unfortunately, the price of medical care in the United States can be quite expensive. When a birth injury attorney is contacted early on, if there is a case, then things can move immediately to get the child the help he or she will need going into the future.



Another pro for contacting a birth injury attorney early in the process is that you can identify the individuals who are responsible for the care and treatment of your baby. This can be important in these cases because they tend to take a long time to complete. Birth injury cases can last from a year and a half to 3 years depending on the case and issues present. So being able to identify the treating doctors and nurses can be a big help and moving forward with the case.




One important con that may present itself if you wait to contact a birth injury attorney is the inability to get your baby the treatment that he or she may need. Remember what I stated under the pros, the cost of medical care in the United States can be rather expensive and for many families paying for this care can be problematic. When bringing a birth injury case remember that the bulk of the treatment is going to go for the baby. By waiting the baby may miss out on important treatments and medical care.



Another con for waiting to call a birth injury attorney deals with memory issues and location issues of certain witnesses. As time goes on memories can fade. This can have an adverse effect on your baby’s claim. For example, what happens if one of the main medical professionals in the case passes away due to age? This can make the claim more difficult then it could be if that person was alive and available. These are some issues that families sometimes do not take into consideration when thinking about bringing a birth trauma case.





Should parents wait before calling a birth injury attorney? Hopefully now you can understand some of the issues that you need to think about when pondering this question. As I said above, it is ultimately your decision if, and when you decide to reach out and call a birth injury attorney.


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