What are the top 3 birth injury and medical malpractice questions we tend to get when mothers and families contact our office? Although these questions may vary from law firm to law firm, variations of these questions may exist during case intake.



The purpose of this birth injury educational article is to help you get an understanding of how these issues are handled, thus allowing you to have a better grasp of the issues present. If you have questions which did not make our top 3, be sure to clear up these issues with your attorney.






  1. How Much Will This Cost Us?


Understandably so, many parents and families can be concerned about how much it will cost to bring a birth injury or medical malpractice claim. Not only are they concerned about the cost, another question is how much money will have to be put up initially?



Before answering the cost/how much upfront money question, I must remind you that you should get clarification as to this issue from the specific attorney you wish to hire. In general, in Maryland, attorneys handle these cases on a contingency fee basis. What this means is that the attorney will collect their fee and possibly costs at the conclusion of the case. The contingency fee agreement will be in writing and will outline the terms of the agreement. Both the attorney and the client will be governed by this agreement. As a side, do not sign the contingency fee agreement until you understand all the terms. If you have questions, get them cleared up before signing.



  1. How Long Will This Take?



This question could have been number one. It really was a tossup because a lot of parents and families want to know the time frame. How long will it take? The law in medical malpractice cases can require steps that are not present in other types of cases. Without medical experts giving opinions as to the standard of care, and things like causation, etc… the case will not be successful.



It takes time to not only get the required records and materials to the medical experts, but they also need time to review the information and give an opinion. This takes patience on the part of the families because in some cases, months can pass before we know whether the case can be pursed. This takes patience on the part of families because we strive to investigate their claim the right way. Ultimately, some families do not have the patience to let a proper review take place and go in another direction, either by declining to pursue the case, or by trying to find another law firm to “speed up the process.” If speed is what you want, at the expense of a quality review, we are NOT the firm for you and your family.



  1. What Can I Do As Mom While The Case Moves Forward?



I like to tell mothers and other family members pursing a birth trauma case that their focus should be on helping their baby get better. This means that they should continue to be advocates for their child’s treatment. Taking them to doctors’ appointments, staying up on treatments, etc… are areas of continued focus for mom and family.



Look at it this way, let the attorneys worry about the legal stuff and you worry about the other things that your baby will need. Your attorneys will take care of the standard of care, causation, and damages issues, leaving you to handle the other important issues.






To speak with me further about what is happening with your baby I invite you to call me. I can be reached at 301-850-4832. These top 3 birth injury and medical malpractice questions should get your mind focused on some of the issues present in these types of cases.



I talk with families regarding birth injuries dealing with the brain, cerebral palsy, and other types of injuries all the time and I would be happy to listen to what happened with you and your baby.



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