Can placental abruption cause a brain injury? To put the question another way if the placenta separates can this lead to a brain injury in your baby? For many parents a brain injury in a baby creates many questions. Some of the parents that we speak with have little understanding of the conditions which may have led to their baby’s brain injury at birth.


At the conclusion of this Maryland birth injury article it is my hope that you will have a better understanding of some of the critical issues that can present themselves in a birth injury case. One final thought, if you do feel worry and confusion no that you are not alone.




The placenta is important for a baby in many ways. Some of the things the placenta is responsible for in a developing baby are as follows:

  • Oxygen
  • Removal Of Waste
  • Helps Prevent Infection
  • Hormones Which Support Pregnancy
  • Helps To Develop The Umbilical Cord


All the above bullet points are important especially the last bullet porn which deals with the umbilical cord. The umbilical cord in many ways is the baby’s life line. It provides blood and oxygen to the baby. Other nutrients are also transferred through the umbilical cord.




Can placental abruption cause a brain injury? To better understand the question, you need to be familiar with what I mean by placental abruption. The easiest way to understand placental abruption is the placenta detaching from the uterus. This medical condition can be dangerous for not only the mother, but the baby too.


An injury to a baby’s brain can occur during placental abruption because of a reduced level of blood and oxygen getting to the baby. The reduction in blood and oxygen to the baby can be due to the mother’s bleeding. Massive bleeding is always a risk with placental abruption because the placenta has separated itself from the uterus. If mother is losing blood, then the same thing can occur to the baby because the baby is connected to the mother.


The electronic fetal heart monitor may reveal that the baby is no longer tolerating the vaginal delivery. Doctors and nurses must pay close attention to the monitor to help determine the baby’s wellbeing. If certain treatments are not curing the baby’s fetal distress, then doctors must be ready to perform an emergency C section. The failure to timely diagnose and treat fetal distress can cause the baby to suffer a brain injury. As mentioned above placental abruption can lead to fetal distress.




Can placental abruption cause a brain injury in a baby? Hopefully now you have a better understanding of this serious medical condition. If you still have questions regarding your baby’s brain injury at birth, or you are concerned about his or her future challenges, this is what I invite you to do.


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