Are you really the cause of your baby’s birth injury? From time to time, we get calls from mothers who essentially report how doctors can sometimes guilt them into feeling that the reason their child has suffered a birth injury is because of something “wrong with them.” This ultimately gets to the issue of genetics, and how genetics may be the cause of the birth injury.


More and more, we are seeing that with birth injury cases, especially brain injury cases, and a subsequent cerebral palsy diagnosis, doctors and hospitals are defending these cases on the grounds of genetics. Although, some birth injuries can be the result of something developing wrong in the baby, other causes of a birth injury are directly related to something that the doctor or hospital failed to do on behalf of mother and baby.




For a lot of mothers who contact us, their pregnancies are uneventful. Many mothers follow the directions of their doctors and keep their prenatal appointments. In their minds, everything should be going as planned, that is, until they get to the hospital for delivery.


In some instances, mothers will report that meconium was present when the water broke. Meconium is essentially the baby’s stool and coupled with other factors, meconium can be a sign that the baby is in distress and is not tolerating a vaginal delivery. A failure of doctors and nurses to take appropriate action when a baby is in distress can lead to a birth injury, namely a brain injury.




As I mentioned above, more and more doctors and hospitals are using genetics to guilt and blame parents as the cause of their child’s birth injury, thus alleviating the doctors and hospitals as to blame for the result. Some parents will listen to the genetics piece and then get a second opinion as to possible treatment and the cause of the injury.


It is during the second opinion, and in some cases, a third opinion, for some parents that they will realize that genetics was not the cause of their baby’s injury, but birth trauma was the cause. Doctors can come to different opinions by reviewing the records from birth.





To sum up this article, I want to remind parents, especially mothers, that genetics, or as an extension, you and dad, will not always be the cause of your child’s birth injury. If you have further questions about what the doctors are telling you, or if you feel that the doctors are not answering your questions, remember that it is ok to get a second opinion. Do not let doctors guilt you into inaction if you feel that more questions need answering.


There is no harm in getting another doctor to review the records. This review can either confirm or give you another prospective as to your child’s injury and possible treatment options. Getting the help that your child needs is paramount. All of this should help if you are wondering are you really the cause of your baby’s birth injury?


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