Following a birth injury, how will your baby deal with future challenges? To put the question another way, from a medical legal standpoint, how will a birth trauma law suit help with your baby’s future challenges? This type of question is on the minds of a lot of parents, especially when their child has suffered a brain injury at birth. A cerebral palsy diagnosis for a child creates a lot of questions in the minds of many parents, and rightfully so.


In this Maryland birth injury article, I want to explain an important tool used by attorneys to help babies meet the future challenges they will face going into the future. The name of this tool is called a life care plan.




Before talking more about life care plans, I would like to give you a quick understanding of how to prove a birth injury, or birth trauma case in Maryland. Under Maryland law you must prove that the doctors and or nurses treating your baby fell below the standard of care, causing your child’s injury, or harm. Maryland birth injury attorneys will prove this by getting medical experts to review the case. If these experts conclude that the doctors and or nurses failed to act in accordance with the standard, and this failure is what caused your baby’s injury (for example a brain injury), then you can move forward with your case.


If you cannot get medical experts to agree that the above is what caused your child’s injury, then you will not be successful in Maryland. It is critical that you understand that last sentence. These cases will turn on what is in the medical records and the medical opinions of the appropriate experts.




As for the question of how will a birth trauma law suit help with your baby’s future challenges, the answer is that a life care plan can help document the care that will be needed for the child over their life. These life care plans are put together by professional experts who understand disability and how the disability will play out over your child’s life.


For example, if your baby has a brain injury and will need a wheel chair, or other mobility assisting care, this will be placed in the plan for the baby. Same things can be said for the home that the child lives in. If the home must be retro fitted or modified in any way, the plan will take this into consideration also. Special schooling and other types of care (medicine, other treatments, etc.…) will also be placed into the plan.


This lifecare plan will be included into the damages portion of your baby’s case and will be included into the monetary value of the case worth. For many parents, being able to give their child the best care available, is a real concern. A life care plan is one answer to the question of how will a birth trauma law suit help with your baby’s future challenges?




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