Was your baby’s umbilical cord delivered first and now you have been told that the child has suffered a brain injury? How can this happen? From the time you entered the delivery room until midway through your labor you thought everything was fine.


The focus of this Maryland birth injury article is to talk about a condition known as umbilical cord prolapse. Cord prolapse is a serious condition and if it is not remedied in time then the baby can suffer serious permanent injury or death.




Umbilical cord delivered first is called umbilical cord prolapse. This condition is serious and requires that doctors act quickly to assist the baby. How we see cord prolapse is when the umbilical cord comes out of the vagina ahead of the baby. The following are some of the possible causes of cord prolapse:

*Premature Baby
*Longer Cord Than Usual
*Breech Delivery
*Excess Amniotic Fluid




Cord prolapse is a dangerous condition because the court can get compressed as the baby head out for delivery. Remember, the baby is coming out and all its weight can sometimes squeeze the cord as delivery occurs.


Through the use of the electronic fetal heart monitor, doctors can gauge how well the baby is tolerating a vaginal delivery. In situations of cord prolapse, the fetal heart monitor might reveal a sharp spike down of the baby’s heart rate.


The umbilical cord is important to a baby because it provides important nutrients and oxygen to the baby. When the cord is compressed, this restriction can cut off oxygen to the baby. If there is a restriction of oxygen to the baby then fetal hypoxia can occur. Hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy might come into play when there is a reduced level of blood and oxygen getting to the baby.




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