The doctor has caused the birth injury of your baby, and with that, how do you take care of your baby in the future? For many parents, reaching out to a medical malpractice attorney when their child has suffered a birth injury is a big deal. Taking this step usually comes after months or even years of research.

It has been my experience that one of the main reasons a medical malpractice attorney is contacted by parents is due to concern over providing for the injured child. If you are reading this educational article and you have the same concerns, know that you are not alone.

One of the main purposes of me writing this article is to help you understand how a Maryland medical malpractice attorney can help your family when your child has suffered a birth injury.




Before discussing some of the tools in which a Maryland birth injury attorney has at their disposal in helping a family care for their child into the future, I would like to explain two of the most common types of birth injury calls which coming to my office, with the first being a brain injury and usually a future cerebral palsy diagnosis, with the second being a shoulder dystocia injury. If you are not familiar with shoulder dystocia, it essentially deals with your baby being trapped behind the pelvis during a vaginal delivery.

Shoulder dystocia is a serious medical condition. When it occurs doctors have to move quickly, but carefully, to aid the baby. Doctors are taught certain maneuvers and other techniques to use when shoulder dystocia is present. If doctors do not move fast enough, a baby can suffer serious injury. In injury situations what can happen sometimes is that doctors apply to much force to the baby’s head and neck area, leading to a broken clavicle or shoulder. The addition of this force can sometimes also cause injury to the brachial plexus nerves in the child’s neck. Severe injury to these nerves can lead to the loss of use of the child’s arm and/or hand.

Another common birth injury call that comes to my office deals with a brain injury during the vaginal delivery process. Again, these families can usually face a lot of challenges because the brain injury, in some instances, can lead to a future cerebral palsy diagnosis.

Some areas of analysis when a child suffers a brain injury at birth deal with analysis of the fetal heart strips, cord gases, Apgar scores, and a host of other areas. Medical experts will be used in both of the above situations to review the medical records and analyze the pertinent facts.




The doctor caused the birth injury of your baby, so how do you take care of your child in the future? Maryland birth injury attorneys use many experts to help them support the case. One of these experts is a certified life care planner.

A life care planner is an expert who can put together a plan for all of your child’s future medical needs. These experts are important because they can forecast some of the child’s needs based on the disability. A life care plan is one way in which a family can help take care of the future needs of a child who has suffered a severe injury at birth.




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