Settle with the hospital immediately after my injury without a medical malpractice lawyer? Should you or should you not? In this Maryland medical malpractice educational article I will touch on some of the crucial issues present when you are thinking about settling immediately with a hospital following a medical injury without a medical malpractice lawyer.
Before I get to the issue at hand, I must remind you that the decision as to whether to settle a case or not is ultimately up to the client. Your lawyer can give you pros and cons regarding your actions, but it will ultimately be the client’s decision as to whether to settle the case or not. This article will touch on some of the critical issues (there are more but this article is here to get you thinking about things from all angles).



Immediately following a medical injury at the hospital, in some instances, a patient will be contacted by the risk management office for the hospital. This agent for the hospital will usually reach out to discuss with the patient the facts and circumstances surrounding the injury. The conversation can center on multiple issues for example future treatment may be discussed.
When the hospital reaches out to a patient like this, in some instances the patient can believe that the hospital is actually on their side. But the truth of the matter is that in some cases, the hospital’s interests are different than the patient.



One of the pros of settling with the hospital immediately without a medical malpractice lawyer is that you can get your case done in a fast amount of time. For a patient who does not want to have a case drag out this can be a great option. Both sides can come together and reach an agreement and then the case will be completed.
Depending on what a person may have going on in their life, this actually may be the best way for them to go. Remember, ultimately it is the client’s decision whether to settle the case immediately or to contact a lawyer and have the case worked up.



When a hospital tries to settle the case immediately with the patient without a medical malpractice lawyer you have to remember that they are also looking out for their best interests. This can include settling the case with a patient on the cheap. You may be asking yourself Marcus how do you know that they are settling the case on the cheap? For one, the patient may not even know the full extent of their injuries immediately after an injury at the hospital.
A medical malpractice attorney is going to take the time and work the case up from multiple angles. Maryland law requires that medical experts be used to prove medical malpractice cases. These medical experts will look at the medical records and give an opinion as to whether the hospital and or the doctors fell below the standard of care owed to you, and by falling below that standard of care caused your injuries or your damages and harm.
Medical malpractice attorneys will also use other types of experts such as life care planners and economists to get the full picture of your injuries and some of the things that you will need into the future to help with ongoing challenges. By settling immediately with the hospital and not having an attorney involved you run the risk of not exploring all of the issues present in your case.



Hopefully now after reading this educational article, you can see both sides of the issue. It is my personal opinion that if you have suffered an injury while in the care of a hospital or doctor that you should at least speak with a medical malpractice lawyer before moving forward. You have to remember that at the end of the day the hospital is also trying to protect its interests and sometimes protecting their interests does not involve you as the patient.
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