Medical malpractice lawyer says I am not hurt enough! What in the world does he mean? This was stated to me in a recent conversation with a person who contacted me. Essentially, the person had suffered an injury following a medical procedure, but the person was healing well and was not looking at any long-term issues.


Even though the person was not looking at any long-term issues, they wanted to use a medical malpractice attorney to sue their doctor. But the issue present was that they were having a tough time finding a medical malpractice lawyer to help with their situation.


One of the main points in writing this Maryland medical malpractice educational article is to help you understand why it is a bad thing to have your costs outweigh what you will gain.





Medical malpractice cases in Maryland require the use of medical experts. This is because to be successful you need medical experts who will testify as to the standard of care and whether the treating doctor fell below the standard of care causing the injury.


The use of these experts can cost thousands of dollars. In addition to costs generated by experts, costs for depositions and other things are present in these types of cases.




When a medical malpractice lawyer says I am not hurt enough, anger can rise in the injured person. With that said, let us step back and look at what that statement essentially says. I liken the statement to mean that if the client moves forward with this case they will more than likely be upside down with things.


For medical malpractice purposes, the more injured a person is, the higher the value of the case. That can be harsh, but it can be the sad reality with these types of cases. In the above section, I outlined some of the things that go into making a medical malpractice case a success.


A simple math hypothetical can explain the point in greater detail. Let us say that with pain and suffering, lost wages, medical care, etc. . . . a case is worth $50,000. After costs and the legal fee, the client is out of $80,000. As you can see, the client is upside down. It will cost more to bring the case then what the case is actually worth. This can be what is meant when a medical malpractice lawyers says I am not hurt enough.




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