Are you suffering from sepsis complications following gallbladder surgery? If you are dealing with this situation then this Maryland medical malpractice educational article and supporting video is for you. For some individuals who contact us, any complications following their gallbladder surgery is medical malpractice in their eyes. But, is this truly the case?

Surgery injury cases take a thorough analysis, with attention to the actions of the doctor. With that said, not every bad result will equal medical malpractice in Maryland.





There are a couple of ways in which a doctor can remove your gallbladder. The first way is with the use of small cameras and incisions to remove the gallbladder. This is known as a laparoscopic procedure.


The second way in which the gallbladder can be removed is the open method. With the open method cameras are not used and the patient is literally opened up and the gallbladder is removed.


Problems can arise during the surgery when removing the gallbladder if the doctor cuts or injures the common bile duct. When this occurs, fluid can leak into the abdominal cavity. Left untreated, this fluid leakage can eventually build up and cause sepsis.




When looking at an injury following a gallbladder surgery one of the main areas of analysis is the actions of the doctor. Your attorney is going to want to review the medical records and see what the doctor did during the surgery. If the common bile duct was injured did the doctor notice it? If the doctor did notice it did the doctor repair it?


In some instances the doctor will injure the common bile duct but will notice the injury and repair it immediately. When this occurs the question then becomes the extent of the patient’s injury. If the patient does not have any long-term injury then more than likely the patient will not have a big damages claim (remember damages have to be proven in all negligence cases).




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